Wherever it goes

whereever it goes

It hadn’t left him in a long while, further back than he could remember, always walking beside, always accompanying, four soft padded paws on the pavement as they moved down the narrow darkened street.


Protected from the inclement weather the long coat swished along the road and the large black hat kept the long hair from getting drenched. Not knowing where he was going was always difficult for the traveler and a quick glance down showed they had not yet reached their destination. The striking green eyes of his companion always felt like he was staring into the void of space with the stars shining through the black emptiness.

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We all know cats can’t talk but for some this just isnt true and this man/cat partnership has been about for many, many years.

For cat lovers or just those enthrawled by our feline friends Wherever it goes is just about the friendship between animal and human.

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