The Light


Sato is just living day to day, trying to find rest in his soul for his former lover and a resolve to his feelings that its not over for this part of his life. Will he be able to fully resolve his feelings or will they just fade into the darkness?


Sato blinks as the sunlight streams through the blinds on the window, and sensing his discomfort a student gets up to help close them before returning to his seat on the floor.”Ït’s been” and he pauses thinking about what he can say “Its been about a year since I left the military, a year since a learnt of my boyfriends death. That day won’t leave me alone and it stalks me like a ghost who can’t find its way to the next life.

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From a different side of our existance Sato has a huge mountain to climb in his search for both answeres and his ex-lover.

This book is a bi-compendium for reading alongside “the darkness” the other untold story in the series.

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Published 2019 Revision 1.1
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