The Darkness


The simple things take time to reach for those who seek perfection, an endless battle not with those around but from within. A small metal bell rang out with a melodic tone as shop door closed behind him, the wooden frame twisted and warped over time creaked on its rusted hinges in protest.


As he stepped closer to the bar the floor beneath his feet groaned and splintered, cracking under the weight of his body. The dusty room felt cold and uninviting to the newly formed demon and as he looked around all he could see was decay and a deathly feeling of loss. Streaming light fell from the holes in the roof and the boards in the walls falling delicately over his features and shivering stumbled forward unsure on what he should do. Raising his hand up slowly he studied a mark, a tattoo black as the night and deep as an endless pit, a mark he would come to know as the debt to be paid.

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There is nothing new about demons in the world until you become one, then the reality is not all it seems to be. Unfortunatly for Ryio things don’t get any better and even remembering his name is harder than it looks.

This book is a bi-compendium for reading alongside “the light” the other untold story in the series.

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Published 2019 Revision 1.1
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