Not a story

not a story

It’s not true, and life is a lie.”

In a way this isn’t just a story but a look at who I am both then and now. I’m not yet sure what a psychiatrist would say about this but I might need to do it myself. A few years ago I wrote a bit about my life but lost the text, so it’s time to try again. If you say that the world (and those in it) don’t influence you then this book probably isn’t for you. These words are my own interpretation of how and why I think this way.


I find conformity is hard to swallow and am opinionated more than most due to how I am treated as untrustworthy and rebellious. I tend to stick to my belief even if it causes friction in others. I argue, I voice my thoughts to the point of being extremely blunt, even if the general consensus is contrary to my own.

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A person once told me “Life just isn’t like that”, and while I can understand the direction they are coming from I don’t agree with that statement. This book is about thinking how you live your life and what makes it good for you.

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