Funny Feet

funny feet

Chucked out of both heaven and hell, this is the story of an angel and a demon whose only sin is to fall in love with each other.


Spurned by their masters Kiyoshi (the pure) and his partner Hotaru (the sinful) travel around the world and listen to the suffering of humans as penance for their relationship. Memories are made and lost, lives changed for better and worse and it’s all down to the choices humans make and break every day. Everyone needs a helping hand once in awhile both in this life and the next.

Read the full script draft for free here,

Continue on to read the full text here and find out what happens next in the story.

To get buy in the mundane would the angel or devil would tell the customer they can have the ice cream on the house if they do them a favour. If it goes well the angel gives them a memory they lost and if its bad the devil takes a memory away.

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