“Holding granny off at arms length was starting to get easier as I got older but I wasnt sure if my arms were getting longer or I was getting more muscular, something I was dreading so much. “


Being a young person is hard enough in japan these days without the added complication of being a girl. Or well thats what I want to be seen as but the general adult population does not want that for me and thinks I should be a boy (at least for now). Take granny onibaba or Tosa as she is known to the rest of the family. Fortunatly Kai was with me and used his play fighting technique to get me out of the tight spot.


Chapter 1 (Give it up) An episode on how everyone wants you to be a boy.
Chapter 2 (Work it out) How others greet and interact with you.
Chapter 3 (It’s not physical) Why its harder for a girl.
Chapter 4 (Give and take) Love and replationships.
Chapter 5 (I don’t understand) Difference on how Boys and Girls think.
Chapter 6 (Not cute) What Boys and girls think are cute.
Chapter 7 (Grown up) I can decide what I want to do even though I’m a kid.
Chapter 8 (Hugs are good) I can still hug you.
Chapter 9 (And one makes two) Finding out I’m not alone.
Chapter 10 (Festive holidays) Dealing with relitives.
Chapter 11 (Chocolate) Receiving chocolate on white day.
Chapter 12 (Steps) Is it a choice or is it enevatable?

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