“So listeners out there, as you all know this is the last time KAW will be transmitting and I would like to thank you all of you for your time you have given us over the years.. Its.. it’s been a blast..”


Depressing the red button on the desk he sighs and removes his headphones hanging them up on the hook next to the desk.

“Ahh.. I never thought this day would come.” he said as he stubbed out his last cigarette on the desk.

“Time to turn you off for the last time….Will miss your annoying mains power hum..”  and looking around the room spots his leather jacket and picks it up before moving towards the door.

“Some good memories here..good memories..” and with that he turns off the light and shuts the door.

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Those expecting the normal will be dissapointed when seemingly magic enters the room in the form of a young man who can read your mind.

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