The Meyer Accord

The Meyer Accord

In 2150 the world population exceeded its limits to cope with fair division of its own resources. The younger generations had forgotten the struggles and sacrifices the older generations had fought for as they had no experience themselves of what poverty, wars or diseases were. A whole generation of children that grew up to adulthood stripped the world of any scraps of natural resources that were left in its never ending desire for tech and unending progress.

While preaching ecology they could not mentaly detach themselves from the technology and scientific advancements that surrounded them from birth, in the end this was the ultimate downfall. The gap in rich and poor had not slowed in fact during this time it increased as the rich grew ever more greedy and ever more stupid. Education was scrapped for all but the elite as it was felt that it was an outdated mode of punishment for the young who had no interest in learning when it was documented in the repository.

  • Show London & houses of parliament as rubble
  • Show Notre dame being stripped of its wealth after being rebuilt in 2020

The oldest institutions were the first to crumble and fade being replaced by the last of the old developing countries. Religion buckled due the tremendous strain of refugees, bankrupting all of them within the first year of deaths splitting them down to a handful of hard headed faithful followers. The world had rejected both faith and religion over a full stomach and it’s ideology was no longer relevant to humanity.

  • Add in a few newsreel from interviews with rights protesters saying technology is a human right”*
  • Add in a newsreel from anti religious protestors”*

At first the old died, then the weak, the poor, the vulnerable and no one seemed to understand the severity of not just the loss of life but the knowledge that they had amassed. To them it was just another nobody that didn’t deserve to live. The great repository was never updated or revised in a way that focused on scientific facts and as a result the generation of death (as it became known) knew no different and never came to learn from history or past mistakes.

  • Show deletion of past factual events in history, death, racism, homophobia etc.

Fake information and misleading populist news spread like a bad soap opera through its core information banks. Bad journalism replaced fact encouraging scorn and hatred of those who had different views.

After the riots and lawlessness subsided the outcome of this monumental mistake was mass starvation and wars on a scale that wasn’t even recordable. The wars were no longer about conquering and slavery but a survival nessesity build into our genes that ultamatly led to our own demise.

The full loss of lives will never be known however the resulting decline in the birth rate due to environmental breakdown and contamination resulted in humans having to adapt to a new way of living within the limit of productivity vs it’s birth rate. As death from childbirth was extremely high it was decided that technology recovered from world government laboratories would replace the need for biological reproduction. Implementation by the then world leaders Africa, India and Australia decreed that gestation pods would be built to accommodate the need for family growth immediately so that rebuilding on what was left of the worlds good soil could continue. Samples from across the globe would be harvested using as yet untested DNA techniques in the hope that diversity, race and legacy could continue on in the new generations.

A new rule of natural balance was tied into the remaining governments social laws that could not be broken called the Meyer accord. A bill that restricts family growth to the same as it consumes over its lifetime. In each country a massive pillar was constructed with the words “To take is to give, for something to be created another thing must be given in equal or higher value”. These words would be the only rule that must never be broken if humanity was ever to survive.

Nothing was wasted and every resource reused even down to the deceased whose body would be stored ready for the next generation.

Apples and pears.

“I telling you it’s called an ahhpool” came a distant voice from behind me

“A what? dumb ass”

“An apoolll, or thats what that writing said”and he squinted again at the letters.

“What writing”?

“Back here on this wall, it’s carved into the stone”.

“Ugh that’s ancient shit, who takes any notice of that. Anyway it’s from before the death generation so look where that got us”. 

Adam patted his partner on the back and pushed him forward towards the glistening lake”.

“Best not to touch that Steve pointing to the half withered plant. It could be contaminated still and while the repo (repository) said that it’s possible that plants may start to grow again it’s not yet fact”. Steve instinctively pulled back his hand and steps back from his close proximity to the fruit.

“Come on I have dibs on this spot for an hour and the guards have no clue it’s here”!

As Steve stripped off his worn out tunic he threw it onto the bank and jumped into the clear lake below, skipping over a few rocks on the way.

  • Add in a few old Japanese water spirit monuments covered in moss and half buried*

As both men plunged into the water together they found a moment to embrace each other, coming up for air only after a passionate underwater kiss. The only opening to outside was where the cave had fallen in revealing the orange hews of the sky above them as the day started to fade away.

“Only an hour eh! Well that gives us a few minutes for relaxation but we will need to find something to bribe the gatehouse into letting us back in without papers”. Adam cocks his head, turning up the corner of his mouth in a wry smile.

“Well, then we better get started and it wont go to waste this time. I’m going to get them to buy us drinks tonight and we can get plastered for free”! and with that steve drops down into the water coming from the bottom of the lake for valuables.

It didn’t take long for them to find some jewellery hidden under the dirt and silt at the bottom of the lake, and hauling themselves up onto the bank they decided to inspect their haul of loot on the soft grassy bank.

“So what did you find because I have two necklaces and a ring today, that should satisfy the cute Asian guard.” and he winks in a rather optimistic way.

Steve picks up his item and starts to wipe off the mud and crust. “I’m not sure what I have, all I know it was shiny so I thought it must be worth something to someone.” and with that he washes it down by plunging it in water to loosen the remaining dirt.