Privacy Policy

It’s not hard to understand how we collect store and use your data at Boy-fresh Media and we make it easy as we can for you.

Every time you visit our website we use cookies and software to look at where you are (country) your IP address (the way the internet sees your identity like a phone number) and what pages you look at. If you send us an email or message using the forms here then we will store that information on our servers for no longer than required or until that task is completed. Boy-fresh Media uses SSL technology to keep your data connection and data as safe as is currently possible with the tools available to us. We use TSO host as our web space company to operate this site. By using this website you agree to us collecting, storing and processing the information in a way that is described as “Legitimate interests” for non customers and “contract” for customers who wish to pay for our service. Boy-fresh will monitor and update these privacy policies where necessary.

Boy-fresh uses images and references to products and services that it would like to report and inform about. This is to showcase these in a way that is informative, educational and entertaining to its readers. These articles are not used in any way to make a direct profit or benefit to Boy-fresh in any way, and we feel using them is in the spirit of common free use. If you are an owner or organisation who wishes any text or images removed please contact us and we will remove and delete these as soon as we have notification. We no longer intentionally provide outgoing hyperlinks to any other website in direct response to EU copyright laws. Free to read articles are for example only and do not make up part of our paid for service.

By sending us a message you agree to our privacy policy including how we use, process and store your information and how it is transmitted in a digital format. We do not pass on your information to anyone else unless you tell us to.