Level up

My first encounter with anime was a mixture of excitement and almost rebelion as I viewed a media of differing views to my upbringing. I would not say I was totally cut off from reality but I found a balance from reality that fuelled my imagination. I would like to think that each anime I watched was a classic but many fell short in various ways but I did get the feeling that a deeper level was involved. So I suppose what I am saying is that do we create anime to entertain or to express the writer’s own views on society in part or as a whole.

I know nothing about boxing but can see that added value that comes with an anime such as Megalobox in the depiction of the world in which the characters reside and the social status they live in. I could comment on the retro animation style or the accuracy of the fighting scenes when they are in the ring but should I mention the feeling of futility when you have a nobody who wants to fight in the “grown up” world. There i no doubt that it often feels like life for many is mapped out and only a select few rise through that with effort and sheer willpower. The masses who slave away only to receive little payback for their efforts vs the elite who are depicted as taking advantage of the poor and disadvantaged. While I see the older generations to me spend money like its nothing to them, seemingly wasting it on pointless purchases they did benefit from a different time where you could save money.

Today we have the people who have little understanding of how business and economy works and have no wish to follow in the same work ethic as those who have gone before. Can you blame them for wanting the quick route to wealth even if they will never reach that. Society has also given us the “takers” those who flout the system in order to get what they want and don’t wish to contribute back as their own obsession with wealth and spending has blinded them to how it drains the system as it does not affect them. Society, social responsibility, wealth and growth all come and go with different ages but can we say that this is a reflection of what we see in an anime, or is it just about a man who likes to box and win the match?

It annoys me when im told I’m wrong even when another explanation may have the same outcome. My own views, thought patterns and perception of something may differ from others but they are never less valid just because another person said they don’t agree. What I am aware of is that each and every story is written to convey a flow of words that is no less than the thoughts of the author. Social commentary isn’t less valid but it is often an easy way to report on a subject without much effort.

So why do we have anime about fighting? Is the reason we like to watch it the same as the sport of boxing? Do we get the same rush of emotion and adrenaline from watching fight scenes as we would from a real event or even participating ourself? Has the author used boxing as a story punching bag that shows how futile and cruel life can be on purpose?

How does the imagery effect our own rational thought patterns and is it because we feel helpless in our own world even if its subconscious or can it be viewed as pure entertainment? The negative aspects of a confrontation seem to be less valid and accepted as a norm as a dominance between two inderviduals. We see this throughout anime and manga as a emotional responce to the story in a way we would not get away with in real life.

With institutions and governments pushing the idea that one voice, one country, one rule means peace and cohesion how will our communities diverge and adapt? Will we all become sheep or will we rebel and split off to form more localised factions?

How will we fight back and regain the skills we are loosing to the big conglomerates? Will governments fail and we sink into feudal regions or will someone press that big red button?

Anime over the years has had so much to offer and with a changing world comes changing views and stories but are we looking forward to a better future or just kidding ourself in the time we are alive?