Past Present Future


In days of old a knight Id be upright and proud for all to see,
My heart was light my soul was free the banner bright flying free.

The battle raged a day and night my fellow men were lost from sight,
Though justice done the war now won, the warriors returns a lonely one.

And on that day for me I’d say that god would keep me safe to pray,
and on one knee bowed to the ground of blood and battle had we found.

In church we sung of those we lost for us they gave the greatest cost,
that piece would rain upon our time, there love for me it was just mine.


Dark web of lies the truth is drawn, disagree the fact will bring you scorn,
The flowing tide of bland not bold, your fortune now can be foretold,

Aimless days and nightmare nights, a wish transformed, becomes a slight,
Nothing new and nothing been, the data says its always seen,

A story told on endless stairs, a binding soul and no one cares,
Hiding in a brick wall home, surrounds us now upon our throne.

Image rules not truth of word and sickness spreads into the world,
The haze of life, the muzzled mouth, the fog of mind, the spirits drouth.


A time of when we at last can see, between the lines under the tree,
the roots go deep, no longer sleeps and flowers bloom beneath our feet.

Gone are things we used to love, no one remembers, no one above,
to make and shake, no law to take, to do themselves they now must make.

New ways to be, new eyes do see, that opens up our minds now free,
and natures rule of equal parts, must govern us upon our hearts.

The green man takes our sleeping nights to be at peace and not to fright.
These things we must believe is true or future hence is not for you.