Funny feet

To get buy in the mundane would the angel or devil would tell the customer they can have the ice cream on the house if they do them a favour. If it goes well the angel gives them a memory they lost and if its bad the devil takes a memory away.

Scene One: Soft Scoop

  • Angels name = Kiyoshi
  • Demons Name = Hotaru
  • Yuki = Graphic designer
  • As himself = Smelly office worker
  • As himself = Cigar Boss
  • As herself = Musical Girl

As Kiyoshi drove the ice cream van down the quiet midnight street and he curses secretly under his breath.

“HO TA RUUUU … Why do I have to drive?” .. “It’s always me,        oh I’m so tired, Right    I’m pulling over”. Kiyoshi mutters.

As the van skids to a stop Hotaru hits his head on the corner of the freezer.

“It ta ta.. That smarts..” rubs his head. “Where are we? Its dark out”.

“We have been sent to Sumida Tokyo for our next assignment so I parked up near the sky tree as we should get more customers there!” Kiyoshi shouts out before siting back in his seat trying to get comfortable. “

I’m going to catch a few Z’s before the sun comes up, got a feeling it’s going to be a busy one”.

Sure enough by 10am the ice-cream van is overloaded with patrons fanning themselves wanting something tasty to cool them down.

A red faced man comes up to the window trying to cool himself down by fluttering his hand by forehead.

“You know we should get a new paint job for this rust bucket” Hotaru mentions to Kiyoshi as he passes an ice-cream to a customer.

“Oh you think so? Well my design company could pimp it out for you if you do a favour for our workers, maybe ten extra on the house for the lads? We could use it as a sample of our work on the website?” and he takes a big bite.

“ahhhhhhhh…. owww brain freeze” he continues looking less of a bag of sweet and drops some down his top.

The two boys look at each for a moment, before a fight starts over whether they take up the offer or not. Kiyoshi opens the left freezer cover and Hotaru closes it.

The arguing goes on for a few minutes as they wrestle the lid back and forth. Kiyoshi finaly wins after he jams Hotaru’s fingers and he jumps back in pain trying to look wounded.

“You have a deal Mr erm?” and passes a full bag of ice-cream over the counter.

“Yuki’s fine. and…,Thank you for this opportunity so please vacate the van before 11pm tonight. We can have it ready the following morning at 6am” and he waves disappearing into the crowd.

“You gave them memories didn’t you?” Hotaru wags his finger.

“Well maybe and we do need new graphics, these ones are from 1980’s scare me a bit”

“Well whatever, time for a break?” Kiyoshi pulls shut the glass window and turns over the closed sign.

The angel and demon hop out and head towards the nearest van selling food.

“Ahh I can’t get tired of noodles” and they both slurp down a mouthful.

“ohh thats good food”. and they both laugh.

“It’s my turn next. The next customer is mine, right, promise”? and Hotaru directs the end of his chopsticks to make the point.

“Ok….. OK, just don’t tickle me” and with that Hotaru gives hi a demonic look and they roll about on the ground before they look into each others eyes and kiss.”

“aghhhh no tongues!” Kiyoshi shouts out before returning another kiss.

Scene Two: Sour suck

“Roll up roll up who’s next on the roller-coaster of life?” and Hotaru beckons the first customer over who looks a bit run down and overworked.

“One 98 flake please” and he passes over lots of small change on the counter.

“Humm poo you smell. You look like you have seen better days. Your an office worker right? Long hours, no time to see family or friends as you are always tired.” the demon almost chirpily quips.

The office worker looks stunned but before he could say anything Hotaru interrupts.

“Well as you look down on your luck you can have this one on the house” and he pushes back the cash. “But there’s a catch, you have to come back and tell me tell me about your day, ok”?

The worker nods picks up the change and wanders off. “Well that went well, and by the end of the day he would have forgot all about his family problems.” as he serves the next customer he winks at Kiyoshi who blows him a kiss.

The rest of the day went without much trouble apart from a kid that dropped his order on the floor but Kiyoshi gave another one to stop the crying.

As it was getting dark a lone lady wonders towards the van as they are cashing up the day’s takings. She is holding a wooden lolly-pop stick on with a luck symbol on.

She takes a look at it again then hands it to Hotaru “Have I won?” she asks.

“Well it depends on what you want I suppose, we cant grant wishes but you can always ask anyway. Maybe a god will smile on you today”? and taking the stick Kiyoshi waits for her answer.

“Well my father is always working and I never get to see him so…

I want him to come to the school concert.

I … I play piano and sing but he has never been to one concert or even a practice session.” A tear rolls down her face and Hotaru catches it with the tip of his finger.

“You .. You don’t look very gentle” She stammers “but you are kinder than the other one”

To the side out of view Kiyoshi is on the floor rolling with laughter and gets a kick in the leg from his boyfriend.

“Well who can say if your wish will come true or not but maybe an angel is behind you keeping you safe”? and Hotaru smiles trying not to show his sharp teeth.

As she turns to go she thanks the pair and bows before walking off.

“Right as the vans out of order tonight let’s get the jobs done”. Hotaru helps Kiyoshi up from the floor and pushes him out.

“Come on” ..

“ugh” .. “

“It’s not far… and bring the cash with you we have one last thing to do tonight”..

The two make their way down the road and enters a large grey building and rides the lift to the 20th floor. As they emerge they bump into the smelly office worker who looks stunned at their appearance.

“Hay you!!       Who are these two clowns” a voice calls out from the back of the office “You aren’t thinking of leaving before your last paper is done are you”?

A smoky haze emanates from the back obscuring the man behind the desk.

The smelly man turns back towards them “Sorry It’s my boss, he never let’s me go home.”

With that Hotaru and Kiyoshi stomp towards the back and dumps the cash on the desk.

“Todays takings say that he is off for the rest of the week and is owed a holiday too.”  and Hotaru shows his sharp teeth.

Kiyoshi jabs him in the side “Stop drooling, that isn’t food” he says looking at Hotaru.

As the cigar drops from the owners mouth he seems to faint so they take out a holiday form from the filing cabinet and stamp a confirmation next to the smelly man’s name leaving it on the desk.

“Come on you’re going home tonight”! and with that the pair put their arms around him and descended in the elevator.

As the doors slide silently open the smelly man steps through and into the lounge of his house. Slightly stunned he turns around to see the doors closing the demon and angel waving.

His family look gobsmacked that he has returned home before midnight and run up to see him.

“I’m home”! he says with tears rolling down his face and his daughter runs up and hugs him tightly.

The two boys walk slowly down the street reflecting on the days events. “So… erm.. what’s next for tonight eh?” and Hotaru jabs him in the ribs with his elbow.

“Well maybe reflect and write in my journal that we gave that office worker some time with his family and a daughter the gift of her dad at her next performance.” Kiyoshi proudly puffs up his figure and smiles.

“Well yeh you know and afterwards we should get a room at the love hotel for some us time”? Hotaru shoves his hand up his boyfriend’s shirt and starts to rub his chest.

“Ahh ok then. You have made your point.

Everyone needs me time, I mean us time.” he says correcting himself and they walk into the hotel reception.